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~Crow Cello Studio 2017/2018 Studio Policies~

a member of the San Diego Suzuki School of Music

Attendance Policies

Cancellation: Please notify me 24+ hours in advance if unable to attend your private or group lesson. Lessons cancelled by the student for any reason may only be “made up” by swapping with another student (see below). Tuition adjustments and extra lesson time are not offered for lessons cancelled by the student. Lessons cancelled by the teacher are the only lessons eligible for make-ups.  There are no makeups or tuition adjustments for group class cancellations.

Lesson swap: Lesson absences may be planned for by swapping with another student. Please observe the 24+ hour rule as a courtesy to your fellow cellists (a lesson swap directory is provided to all registered students).

Parent group: All parents are required to attend weekly parent group.

Group class: All registered students are required to attend weekly group class.

Group class attendance:
-maximum 3 absences* for Trimester 1 (Sept-Dec)
-maximum 5 absences* for Trimester 2 (Jan-Apr)

*absence for any reason, including illness, travel, sports or music conflicts

Group recital attendance: All students at or below the absence cap may perform.

Solo recital attendance: All students are required to perform.

Summer attendance: Students must take summer lessons to retain studio membership (in the event of travel, Skype lessons are allowed).

Summer absences: Summer lessons may be swapped or Skyped as the schedule permits; all summer swaps must be completed by Friday July 27, 2018. Even if you are absent, tuition is due on the regular tuition schedule for all teaching weeks. If you are gone for the summer but wish to return to the studio, a 50% tuition payment is required to hold your spot.


-includes 44 weeks of weekly private/group lesson, weekly parent groups, 2 solo recitals, 2 group recitals, access to ensembles, community events, concerts, master classes.

  • Year = 5% discount
, checks accepted

30 min. = $1792 45 min. = $2210 60 min. = $2837 90 min. = $3966

  • Trimester = 3% discount, checks accepted

30 min. = $609 45 min. = $751 60 min. = $965 90 min.= $1349

  • Monthly = due the 1st of each month. I accept Venmo, Chase QuickPay, or direct deposit only.

30 min. =$157 45 min. = $193 60 min.= $248 90 min. = $347

Studio Withdrawal

Withdrawal Etiquette: Please inform me immediately if your family is considering a withdrawal from the cello program. Open communication is always important in our working partnership, especially when there might be a disagreement or problem. Study with another teacher without my prior knowledge or consent will result in dismissal from the program.

Notice: Written notice of 30+ days is required when withdrawing from the studio. The 30 day period is counted from the day written notice is received.

Tuition: No refunds or tuition adjustments will be given for withdrawals 2 weeks after the trimester start. School year payments are eligible for a trimester refund if withdrawal occurs between trimesters. Monthly payment students are responsible for tuition for the 30 days after written notice is received.

General guidelines/program expectations

Cello-priority program: The San Diego Suzuki School is a music-priority school, and our class is a cello-priority program. To get the most out of your studies, cello should be in the top two of your chosen extracurriculars. Lack of practicing and lack of attendance will be interpreted as a sign of weak commitment.

Practicing: Students and parents devoting time and money to cello lessons should plan for daily practice. A minimum of 5 days per week is a program expectation. The length of practice is determined by your age and level; please ask me if you have questions.
I reserve the right to discontinue lessons for those unable to meet the minimum practice level.

Listening: Daily listening to recordings of your pieces is a program requirement.
Parental attendance: Parents must attend all lessons for Pre-Twinkle through Book 3 students (or up to age 11). Parents must attend all parent groups.

Note Taking: Parents must take detailed/legible lesson notes for all students who are not yet independent practicers. These can be written, typed, audio, or video.

Electronic devices: Phones/tablets/computers (with sounds off) are allowed for note taking and practice videos. Please limit other usage while in private/group lessons. Both I and the students appreciate and value your full attention and participation.

Required materials: adjustable cello chair, end pin stop, music stand, Suzuki Cello School books, Suzuki Cello School recordings, pencil with eraser, highlighters, page markers, rosin, soft cleaning cloth, cello notebook*

*A 2.5 inch 3-ring binder with pockets. All loose sheet music, theory materials, scale sheets, review charts and books must be stored in the binder and brought to each lesson.

Concert attendance: Not mandatory, but highly encouraged. The events calendar on my site is updated regularly.


Google calendar: For schedule questions, please check here——before contacting me. I do my best to update all schedule changes in real time.

I have read and agree to the policies of the San Diego Suzuki School & Crow Cello Studio for the 2017/18 season.

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