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                                                              A member of the San Diego Suzuki School of Music
                                                        Studio Policies/Information 2016-2017 Teaching Year

3240 30th St.
San Diego, CA 92104

Google calendar and important updates:, under “teaching calendar”

Fall/Winter Calendar 2016
October 4-11 = no private/group classes
Sat Nov 5&12 = SDSSM winter solo rehearsals
Sun Nov 13 = SDSSM winter solo recitals
Sat Dec 10 = SDSSM group recital rehearsal
Sun Dec 11 = SDSSM group recitals
November 21-25 = Thanksgiving break, no private/group classes
December 19-30 = Winter break, no private/group classes

Spring/Summer Calendar 2017
Jan 21 2017 = spring parent meeting (attendance mandatory)
April 3-7 = Spring Break; no private/group classes
May 2017, TBA = SDSSM spring solo recitals
June 2017, TBA = SDSSM group recital

Cancellation Policy: Kindly give 24+ hours of notice if unable to attend either your private or group lesson. Advanced notice allows me to offer your spot to a student who might need to swap, and helps me with my lesson planning.

Lesson cancellations: If you need to cancel your lesson, you are welcome to take another open time. However, if unable to attend in an available spot, there will be no tuition adjustment or refund. There are no swaps for any group class cancellation. Private lessons cancelled by me at any point in the year will be offered an open time or a tuition adjustment, in that order.

Lesson swap: If you know of absences in advance, you may swap lesson days/times with another student. A lesson swap directory is provided to all registered families. You

Group class attendance: All registered students are required to participate in weekly group class. If unable to make your usual time, you may supplement by attending a different class; please just inform me in advance. Our group class attendance policy is as follows:
-maximum 3 absences for winter trimester (Sept-Dec)
-maximum 5 absences for spring trimester (Jan-May)
An absence is defined as an absence for any reason, including sudden illness, travel, sports or music conflicts. More than the allowed maximum = ineligibility to perform in the group recital for that trimester

Summer trimester: May through August, regular group class schedule
If unable to attend your lesson in person due to travel/variable schedules, you may take a Skype lesson
If unable to attend the summer trimester, a half tuition payment is required to hold your spot



Tuition runs on a trimester schedule and is available in 3 payment options.
There are 44 billed lessons and 46 scheduled lessons for 2016-2017.
Please note that only automated payments are accepted for the monthly option.

Year payment (check ok, 5% discount, due no later than Sept. 12, 2016)
30 min. lessons = $1792
45 min. lessons = $2210
60 min. lessons = $2837
90 min. lessons = $3966

Trimester payment (check ok, 3% discount
due no later than Sept. 12, 2016/Jan. 9, 2017/May 1, 2017)
30 min. lessons = $609
45 min. lessons = $751
60 min. lessons = $965
90 min. lessons = $1349

Monthly payment (automatic payment only, due 1st of month, $15 late fee)
30 min. lessons =$157
45 min. lessons = $193
60 min. lessons = $248
90 min. lessons = $347

Studio Withdrawal

Withdrawal Etiquette: If your family is considering a withdrawal from the cello program for any reason, please inform me immediately. Open communication is always important in our working partnership, but especially so when there might be an unresolved problem. I understand that issues arise, and am always available to discuss any question or concern.  If you are investigating a move to a different studio, even for a short period, it is courteous to suspend your study with me before beginning with someone else. “Teacher shopping” without the knowledge of one or both teachers creates distrust within our greater musical community, and undermines the culture of respect within our studio. Study with another teacher without my prior knowledge or consent will result in dismissal from the program.

Notice: Written notice of 30+ days is required when withdrawing from the studio. The 30 day period is counted from the day of receipt of written notice, and monthly payment students are responsible for tuition for the following 30 days.

Tuition: No refunds or tuition adjustments will be given for withdrawals 2 weeks after the start of a trimester (Sept. 19, 2016/Jan 16, 2017/May 15, 2017). School year payments are eligible for a trimester refund if the withdrawal occurs between trimesters.

General guidelines/program expectations

Cello priority program:  The San Diego Suzuki School is a music priority school, and our class is a cello priority program, meaning that cello should be within the top two of your chosen extracurricular studies. Lack of practicing and lack of attendance will be interpreted as a sign of weak commitment.

Practicing: Students and parents who are going to devote time and money to cello lessons should plan to practice daily. A minimum of 5 days per week x the length of your lesson is a program expectation.
I reserve the right to discontinue lessons for those unable to meet the minimum practice level.Listening: Daily listening to recordings of your pieces is a program requirement.

Listening:  Daily listening to recordings of your pieces is a program requirement. Outside listening (to non-Suzuki repertoire) is also highly recommended.

Parental attendance:  Parents must attend all lessons (private and group) for Pre-Twinkle through Book 3 students. Parents must attend one lesson per month for students who are Book 3+, and/or independent practicers. Parents must attend both parent meetings.

Electronic devices: Phones/tablets/computers (with sounds off) are allowed for note taking and practice videos. Please limit other usage while in private/group lessons. Both I and the students appreciate and value your full attention and participation.

Recitals: Participation in both solo recitals is mandatory for all students. Participation in both group recitals is contingent upon group class attendance. Performances are an important part of the musical experience.

Lesson materials: adjustable cello chair, cello notebook and/or 3-ring binder for loose music, end pin stop, music stand, applicable books, Suzuki Cello school recordings, sharpened pencil with eraser, highlighters in 3 colors, page markers, rosin, soft cleaning cloth, set of spare strings

Concert attendance: Not mandatory, but highly encouraged. The events calendar on my site is updated regularly.



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